VirtualTaboo – Natasha Teen – Natasha Level 10

Your new stepsister Natasha is a spoiled little princess. She gets everything she wants, clothes, money, even a brand new car. When she crashes her car and it is in the shop, Natasha finds herself in need of some help. Today is the day of the big comic convention and she has been planning to attend all year. She even has a stunningly hot costume from her favorite video game. Natasha asks for your help. She needs a ride to the convention and she does her best to convince you. When you refuse her requests, Natasha pouts and tries showing you how good her costume looks.

Pass: elcazadorxxx

It is very appealing, especially when she turns around and shows off her perfectly round ass. The costume hugs her cheeks tightly and she notices your cock growing in your pants. Your slutty stepsister knows what she needs to do to get that ride. “Do you like what you see big brother? If you give me a ride I will show you more.” You aren’t about to say no to an offer like that, especially when Natasha lifts up her top to show off her perky breasts. As nice as they are, it is her ass you are interested in and she knows it. Peeling off her shorts, she spreads her cheeks and shows you that tight little hole. Since you still need a bit more convincing, Natasha pulls out an insanely huge toy and starts licking it up and down. She keeps begging you for that ride as the massive dildo slips between her cheeks. While she puts on the show you take your cock out. Natasha encourages you to stroke along with her, moaning with delight as you shoot your load. She is going to get her ride and you just know that some lucky guy is going to stick his cock in your slutty stepsister’s sexy ass.

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